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Purchase, Return and Exchange Policy

Please read the shipping information before placing an order

  1. We will ship the commodity within 48 hours after receiving your payment, and notify you by email and provide the tracking number after the delivery. Please visit the EMS website for tracking the delivery schedule.
  2. There are air gun import restrictions for air gun in some countries or regions . Before ordering, be sure to check that whether there are other relevant restrictions in the destination country or region you are sending to. We are not liable for any detention of the commodity by the customs or other act enforcement authorities during transportation, and no payment shall be refunded
  3. RareArms guns are formulated with a standard energy of 1.5 joules. In some countries or regions there is a lower energy (joules) limit. Before ordering, be sure to check whether there are other relevant restrictions in the destination country or region you are sending to. Please leave a message to tell us that we can help to if it's needed for adjusting it (only for less than 1.5 joules, rather than increase of the joules). However, after decreasing, if the commodity is still under detention by the customs or other act enforcement authorities, neither we shall be liable for such detection, nor any payment shall be refunded.
  4. If the commodity is returned for any reason, we will refund the amount with deduction of the shipping fee and 5% service fee after confirming receipt of the commodity.
  5. If your destination country or region is not within the scope of EMS, we will seek other logistics services and may impose higher shipping costs. If you are not willing to pay the shipping costs, or indeed cannot deliver the commodity, we will refund you in full amount.
  6. Import tariffs are formulated differently in each country. When the commodity arrives in the importing country, the import tariffs will be verified in accordance with the type of commodity and value. After the commodity is delivered, the customs duty which would be imposed or not imposed on the commodity is regardless of the shipping method.
  7. Each country may, in accordance with the various import tariffs, verify whether the commodity needs to be paid taxes and customs fees. If the commodity is subject to sampling, the recipient is responsible for all fees. If the recipient is unwilling to pick up, the relevant costs or the loss of the shipment from being destroyed or returned will be borne by the buyer.
  8. The price on the website and delivery postages is in USD. For non-US-denominated credit card payers, the actual amount requested should be based on the exchange rate of that day. We suggest that you can check the exchange rate with the credit card issuing bank.
  9. All guns will be tested, and will not be shipped until confirmed. If you receive a serious flaw in the product, please contact us as soon as possible by e-mail in order to handle the follow-up matters. If you have an operational problem, please watch Q & A troubleshooting videos.
  10. Online shoppers in Taiwan enjoy the right to a warranty period lasting 7 days after the arrival of the products they have purchased. During this period, buyers applying to return goods do not need to bear any associated costs or service charges.
    Please be aware: The foregoing warranty period is by no means a trial use period, and all returned products must be in a new condition with complete packaging (including the product itself, accessories, gifts, guarantee certificate, original packaging, and all accompanying documents and data). Do not lose any parts or accessories. If the product you have purchased is an air gun, you may not take it apart or fire it (regardless of whether it has been loaded with a cartridge or BBs), otherwise it will be considered a used product and the price cannot be refunded. Please do not take apart the product to inspect it or destroy the factory box. The original outer box and original packaging are considered part of the product—your right to return the product may be affected if they are lost, destroyed, or missing. If they are damaged, their cost may be subtracted from your refund.

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