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Membership Agreement

A. Acknowledge and Acceptance

  1. HONOR TASK Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HONOR TASK") provides the website relevant services ( under the Terms of Service (the "Service"). When the members complete the membership registration on HONOR TASK or start using the service, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to accept all the terms of the service, and have fully accepted the existing and future supplementary regulations and content of the service. HONOR TASK has the right, at any time, to modify or change the terms and conditions of this service. The terms and conditions of agreement if revised will be published on the website. HONOR TASK will not inform individual members about the revision, and members are advised to keep track with these changes. If a member continues to use the service after any modification or change of this agreement, it will be considered that a member has read, understood and agreed to accept the changes

Privacy Policy

The HONOR TASK attaches great importance to the privacy of its members and complies with the Personal Data Protection Act. Therefore, we have developed a privacy policy, you can refer to the following privacy protection policy.

Security of personal information

Protecting the personal privacy of members is a significant concept of HONOR TASK. Without obtaining the consent of the members, we shall never provide the member's personal information to any third party which is not related to the service. A member should keep his/her internet passwords and personal data properly, and does not provide any personal data to anyone, especially internet passwords. After using the various service functions provided by HONOR TASK website, a member must remember to sign out of the account. If a member uses a computer with another person or uses a public computer, do remember to close the browser.

Purchase, Return and Exchange Policy

Please read the shipping information before placing an order

  1. We will ship the commodity within 48 hours after receiving your payment, and notify you by email and provide the tracking number after the delivery. Please visit the EMS website for tracking the delivery schedule.
  2. There are air gun import restrictions for air gun in some countries or regions . Before ordering, be sure to check that whether there are other relevant restrictions in the destination country or region you are sending to. We are not liable for any detention of the commodity by the customs or other act enforcement authorities during transportation, and no payment shall be refunded
  3. RareArms guns are formulated with a standard energy of 1.5 joules. In some countries or regions there is a lower energy (joules) limit. Before ordering, be sure to check whether there are other relevant restrictions in the destination country or region you are sending to. Please leave a message to tell