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Membership Agreement

A. Acknowledge and Acceptance

  1. HONOR TASK Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HONOR TASK") provides the website relevant services ( under the Terms of Service (the "Service"). When the members complete the membership registration on HONOR TASK or start using the service, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to accept all the terms of the service, and have fully accepted the existing and future supplementary regulations and content of the service. HONOR TASK has the right, at any time, to modify or change the terms and conditions of this service. The terms and conditions of agreement if revised will be published on the website. HONOR TASK will not inform individual members about the revision, and members are advised to keep track with these changes. If a member continues to use the service after any modification or change of this agreement, it will be considered that a member has read, understood and agreed to accept the changes or modification. If you do not agree with the modification or update to above terms of service, or do not accept any of these terms of service agreement, you should immediately stop using the service.
  2. If a member is a minor under the age of 20, the member's parent (or guardian) should read, understand and agree with all the contents of the agreement and subsequent changes before the minor can be registered as a member, use or continue to use this service. When a member uses or continues to use the HONOR TASK website, the parent (or guardian) of the member is presumed to have read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents of this agreement and any subsequent changes.
  3. For members and HONOR TASK, both parties agree to use the service of all content, including the meaning of expression, etc., and use the electronic file as a means of expression.

B. Member's registration obligations

In order to access to the service, the member agree to the following:

  1. Provide correct and the latest personal information in accordance with the service registration form tips, and the member account cannot be registered in the name of a third party. Each member can only register and log with in a single account, and the account cannot be registered repeatedly.
  2. A member shall maintain and continuously update his/her personal information, and shall ensure that the information is correct so as to obtain the best service.
  3. If a member provides any false or inaccurate information, fails to provide the information as instructed, is short of necessary information, or repeatedly registers by a same Member's account, HONOR TASK reserves the right to suspend or terminate the account, and denies the member to use the service in whole or in part without any prior notice,

C. Member account, password and security

  1. After the service registration process is complete, a member will be given a password and a membership account. It's the member's responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the password and account security. When any member's account number and password which are entered in accordance with the stipulated method are the same as the login information, regardless of whether they are entered by the member, they will be presumed to be used by the member herself/himself. Members should take full responsibility for the actions of using of the password and account.
  2. Members agree that:
  • When a member's password or account is theft, or any other security issue occurs, the member should immediately notify HONOR TASK
  • Each time the connection is completed, the member should end the use of account.
  • A member's account number, password and member's rights and interests are only used and enjoyed by the member. They cannot be borrowed, transferred or shared with others.
  • If the account number and password are stolen, used improperly or unable to identify by HONOR TASK, HONOR TASK has no responsibility for any damage which is caused by other personal use, unless being proved that it can be attributable to HONOR TASK.
  • HONOR TASK will suspend the use of this account (including the transaction processing of this account) immediately if it is known that the member's password has been fraudulently used by others.

D. Protection of children and adolescents

To ensure the safety of children and adolescents on the Internet and to prevent their privacy being violated, parents (or guardians) should fulfill the following obligations: While kids under the age of 12 use this service, their parents should be with the kids all the time. Parents should also consider whether to give their consent for their kids of aged 12 to 18 before they use the service.

E. Termination and interruption of the service

HONOR TASK shall maintain the normal operation of systems and services with their reasonable techniques and methods. However, HONOR TASK has the right to stop and interrupt the service when one of the following conditions occurs:

  • when the electronic communications equipment of HONOR TASK site is in a normal maintenance and construction
  • In the event of a sudden electronic communication equipment failure
  • When HONOR TASK website application and electronic communication service are stopped, and cannot provide the service
  • Due to force majeure factors such as natural disasters, or other factors which cannot be attributed to HONOR TASK, that cause HONOR TASK site unable to provide services

F. Trading behavior

  1. A member who uses the service for transaction should confirm the number and prices of commodity according to HONOR TASK mechanism .
  2. When a member agrees to use the service to order products, HONOR TASK still has the right to refuse the order or cancel the shipment before HONOR TASK informs the member to confirm the establishment of the transaction. After a member of HONOR TASK makes an order, the system will automatically send a letter of acceptance to the member. However, this is not a confirmation notice. As for the establishment of the transaction, HONOR TASK will notify the member separately. If the transaction conditions (including but not limited to specifications, content description, pictures, etc.) of the target product or service ordered are incorrect, HONOR TASK may refuse the order within two working days after the member places the order.
  3. After the member orders a product from the website, if the member returns back any commodity or cancel the order at his/her discretion, or any behavior considered inappropriate for HONOR TASK that may cause problem or damage, HONOR TASK may, as the case may be, refuse the deal, suspend or cancel the delivery, or permanently cancel the membership of the member. If the following situations occur during the member ordering: (1) commodity of pre-order category, (2) web page shows that there is no stock, (3) commodity needed to be transferred from the supplier, (4) transferred by the manufacturer, due to the characteristics of the transaction, HONOR TASK will notify the member by e-mail when the order cannot be made due to out-of-stock, or if the manufacturer cannot successfully deliver the commodity due to any factors.
  4. Any member who uses the Service for trading may exercise his/her rights in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act. In case a member has doubts about the service during the transaction, a beneficial interpretation toward customer shall prevail.

G. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

  1. The functions provided by this service are according to the current circumstances of the function. HONOR TASK does not bear any express or implied warranty regarding performance, speed, integrity, reliability, safety and correctness.
  2. HONOR TASK does not guarantee that the web pages, servers, domains and other e-mail sent or its contents of the service won't contain viruses and/or harmful substances, etc; HONOR TASK also neither guarantees that the mails, files or data transmission storage is correct without error, nor always is sure that there is no disconnection and errors, etc. Therefore, HONOR TASK shall not be liable for the damage caused by the failure, loss or error of the mail, file or data transmission or storage.

H. Intellectual Property Right

  1. The intellectual property rights, such as software or programs used by this service and all content on the website, including but not limited to works, pictures, files, information, materials, website structure, website picture arrangement and webpage design, are legally owned by HONOR TASK or other right holders, including but not limited to trademarks, patents, copyrights, business secrets and proprietary technology. No one may directly use, modify, remake, broadcast, alter, disseminate, distribute, publicly publish, undertake restoration works, decompile or reverse assemble. A member who wants to quote or reprint the above software, program or website content must obtain a prior written consent of HONOR TASK or other rights holders. Respecting intellectual property rights is a member's obligation. In case any violation occurs, the member should shoulder the responsibility for HONOR TASK (including but not limited to litigation costs and legal fees, etc.).
  2. On the principle of respecting the intellectual property rights of others, Members agree not to exercise any infringement on the intellectual property rights of others while using HONOR TASK service.
  3. If a situation involving the infringement by a member occurs, HONOR TASK may suspend all or part of the service, or directly cancel the membership account without giving any notice.

I. Special Authorizations

Any internet transactions or activities provided by this service must be through an international delivery service provider so as to complete the delivery of commodity (or gifts, etc.). Therefore, a member agrees and authorizes HONOR TASK to provide his/her personal information (such as recipient's name, destination address, telephone number, etc.) ,as required and needed by the network transaction or activity, which is necessary for the distribution of home delivery service provider and relevant manufacturers, to complete the delivery of commodity (or gifts, etc.).

J. Refuse or terminate the use of members

Any member agrees that HONOR TASK may, in the maintenance of transaction security, directly terminate the member's password, account number (or any part thereof) or usage of the service (or any part thereof) due to any reason without giving any notice, including but not limited to the lack of use, or violation of the express provision and spirit of the Terms of Service, or any "Member Content" within the Service to be removed and deleted. In addition, HONOR TASK shall not be liable to a member or any third party if the member agrees to terminate the use of the Service (or any part thereof).

K. Governing Act and Jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of this Terms of Service, as well as disputes arising out of this Service and the transaction between Members and HONOR TASK shall be handled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China, and shall be referred to Taiwan Taipei District Court as the court of the first instance, except that the law otherwise mandates the competent court.

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