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Rare Arms has made a break from conventional airsoft guns, and focused on even greater realism in the design and development of the new Shell Ejecting GBB Rifle ("GBBER"). The GBBER features realistic ejection of empty rounds, a solid feel, powerful recoil, and operation identical with a real rifle, which makes it the ideal choice for collectors of military equipment!
Patented in numerous countries, quality guarantee, produced completely in Taiwan.


Product introduction:

  • RARE ARMS third-generation shell ejection G.B.B system name it R-SYSTEM that easy maintenance, more durable and 30% increase in efficiency.
  • The function of variable gas volume adjustment system will correspond to different ambient temperature.
  • The receiver is made by 6061 T6 aluminum with alloy forging & CNC precision machining process.
  • The overall size is very close to the original gun and the design of internal anti-modification mechanism is safe and legal.
  • The 10.3 inch outer barrel with precise inner barrel.(inner diameter 6.05mm, total length 220mm)
  • New improved design of HOP UP adjustable system.
  • Rare Arms original product with M-LOK compact tactical handguard & muzzle suppressor.
  • The product is directly assembled with the original buffer tube, buffer and the inch thread.
  • All of steel parts are process with anti-rust(QPQ) surface treatment like original guns .
  • 1:1 size parts of bolt catch made by 8620 steel material that permanent and durable.
  • The bolt carrier is made by carbon steel with CNC machining, the appearance and texture are upgrading!
  • The bolt head material is 7075 aluminum with CNC machining and hard anodizing, more durable, and the appearance is more real!
  • Semi-automatic & automatic shooting mode.
  • 30 rounds of lightweight plastic magazine (with transparent window to check number of remaining ammo)
  • New shell that made by composite plastic, more economical.
Item name: AR-I5 GBBER
Item No.: S-AR-001
Length: 690mm~775mm
Weight: 2230g
The length of outer barrel: 10.3"(261.6mm)
The length of Inner barrel: 220mm
Capacity of magazine: 30 rounds(with shell)
Energy: 1.15 Joule
Power: 12g CO2

Content of package:
30 Rounds magazine X 1
Shell X 30 Rounds
Special oil for O-Ring X 1
Tools & Air control parts X 1
<LIMITED FREE GIFT> Shell Catcher X 1

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